Frequent headaches? Be careful, it could be a harbinger of the presence of a tumor in your head. Tumors or lumps that occur in the brain can be caused by a tumor, or a malignant tumor that can grow and suppress the nerves that are present in the brain.

The symptoms of the condition of a brain tumor can be differentiated into the common symptoms or symptoms that are more specific. Common symptoms of a brain tumor often arise due to pressure from the tumor growth on the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. Meanwhile, the specific symptoms of the condition of a brain tumor may occur because the brain is disrupted due to tumor growth. Most of the symptoms of a brain tumor was detected after patients complained of headaches and saw a doctor.

Some of the common symptoms of the condition of the brain tumors include:

1. a serious headache and may worsen with heavy activity or in the morning.

2. Convulsions that emerge unexpectedly. Some types of seizures that can occur in people with brain tumors include:

Myclonic seizures, that happens in the form of the movement is surprised that occur in one time or multiple times at once.

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